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2017 subscription prices, print + online


Institutes: EUR 356.00
Individuals: EUR 176.00
Students: EUR 88.00
Members ISTH: EUR 88.00
Mailing costs for overseas: + EUR 16.00

Single issue:

EUR 75.00
Mailing costs for overseas: + EUR 4.00

Trial issue:

Become acquainted with Hämostaseologie through our trial access. Secure yourself the latest print issue and six weeks online-access (10 downloads) at the price of Euro 25.00. Compared to the download of single articles you will save 90% and be able to enjoy all of the advantages of a subscription.
Mailing costs for overseas: + EUR 0.00


Deliveries within Germany include mailing costs. Deliveries to other European countries include mailing costs, plus VAT. No VAT charged on overseas deliveries.

Our subscriptions are Media-Subscriptions (Print + Online), for which the subscription price is divided into 90% representing the print content and 10% representing the online content. For orders delivered within the European Union, 7% VAT for the print content and 19% VAT for the online content will be added to the subscription price.


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